Ways to Enhance the Functionality of Your Facebook Shop by Shopify

Selling products on Facebook has become more competitive than ever. Most retailers prefer this business because it is easy and cheap to start. Thus, they uniquely present their products to stand out. As a new entrepreneur, this should not worry you. You need to select the best e-commerce platform to allow customers to make purchases without leaving their current page. Shopify is a great platform that comes with advanced features to help you achieve this. Here are 4 easy ways to enhance the functionality of your Facebook shop by Shopify:

Customize the check-out process

Your Facebook shop should always look unique. With Shopify, you will achieve this. It comes with the customization feature to allow you to change the look of your shop. And because the customers want the shop that will enable them to make quick purchases, you need to make the check-out process short and precise. You can achieve this by adding integrated payment gateways. With this, customers will not waste time trying to figure out how they are going to make payment. They will only select a method of their choice.

Also, you can add a shopping cart on each product page to allow the customers to add products without leaving their current page. The product search is essential. It will enable the customers to find products that they need quickly. They can easily filter them according to price, color, and size.

Provide the discount and promotions

Although Facebook will allow you to reach a massive number of customers, it will not assure you of increasing sales. It will be your great task to convince customers to make purchases. Because Shopify has a discount and promotion feature, you need to make use of it. Send the coupon codes to your customers via their email to allow them to purchase discount products. Also, you can provide free shipping.

Use high-quality images, videos, and a product description

The most significant way to pass a message about your products is by using the images and video. Many customers hate reading the long contents. However, they can watch a long video without exiting. Thus, you need to ensure,and the videos and images are of high quality. With this, you will drive traffic on your Shopify Facebook shop.

Enhance the loading speed of your Shopify Facebook shop

Selling products on Facebook can be a difficult task especially for the newbies. Customers can land on your shop and exit without making purchases. Hence, you need to enhance its loading speed. You can compress your files or remove some videos that are not of benefit to your business.